About Center for Sustainable Change (CSC)

Group photoOur work is grounded in the Three Principles first articulated by the late Sydney Banks and is built on three decades of successfully applying a Principles-based, innate-health psychology within communities and schools across the nation, carrying forward the work of our co-founders, Ami Chen Mills-Naim and the late Dr. Roger Mills.

We have trained and collaborated in partnership with school districts, governments and correctional programs, veterans organizations and major foundations – such as The San Francisco and W.K. Kellogg foundations – on innate resiliency programs across the United States for over 30 years. Now our programs reach a global audience.

As understanding of the Three Principles deepens, the innate authority to advance this understanding awakens in more people and communities across the globe. Truly, we are all of the same essence and derive energy from one source, Universal Mind. That one fact is transforming lives to change the world.

CSC provides the following services to encourage, enhance and expand community efforts:

While the types of community applications we support are limitless, here is a list of some of the community settings we have experienced and supported:


  • teachers
  • those focusing on parenting
  • military veterans
  • caregivers
  • juvenile/adult corrections workers
  • inmates
  • community police officers
  • medical workers


  • schools & parent-teacher orgs
  • colleges
  • housing projects
  • homeless centers
  • substance abuse programs
  • pre & post-release interventions
  • youth justice initiatives
  • groups concerned about bullying
  • human & social service programs
  • community revitalization efforts