February 2018 Awakening Community Circles: "Great Relationships"

Week 1 - FREE OPEN MICĀ  Registering for Open Mic only? Click here.

February 1 - noon to 1:30 pm US Eastern Time:
How does an understanding of the 3 Principles affect the dynamic of relationships? How would it influence such things as problem-solving, forgiveness, compassion, in personal relationships? How would it influence teamwork, collaboration, interactions, and resolution of issues in external relationships?

Week 2: Marriage and Family

February 8 - noon to 1:30 pm US Eastern Time:
If people "drift apart," if one person in a relationship deceives or lets the other down, if it feels like "love is lost," is there hope for a floundering relationship? Can people sustain love and good will through troubled times? Can relationships end amicably? How does the "feeling" in the family affect children?

Week 3: Agreeable Disagreement

February 15 - noon to 1:30 pm US Eastern Time:
How can people who have totally different ideas about things attain a meeting of the minds, or even a civil interaction? Can we be "friends" with those who see things very differently from the way we do? How do we find resolution?

Week 4: Relationships Across Cultures and Beyond

February 22 - noon to 1:30 pm US Eastern Time:
Consciousness connects all life. How do we find and appreciate the deeper connections that lead to reverence, appreciation, peace, and the dissolution of differences?

Recordings are made available after each session. We generally try to get them posted by the following Monday.

Virtual Awakening Community Circles are designed to network people with similar community interests for sharing and mutual support. The objective is to inspire, encourage and support individuals to take action to bring an understanding of the Three Principles into specific programmatic settings in their local communities. For more information, click here.

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February 01, 2018 at 12pm - February 22, 2018
Online videoconference via ZOOM

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