Do Thoughts Even Matter?


Over the many years I have worked with people seeking peace of mind, three questions consistently arise. (1) Once you SEE that thoughts are transitory, that all thoughts just pass through our minds unless we hang onto them, do thoughts even matter? (2) Given that thoughts passing through our minds sometimes seem random, does it really mean anything to think, or that we think? Can't we just live in peace allowing whatever thoughts arise to just come and go? (3) Are we really the thinkers, or just the vessels through which images flow, experiencing the illusion that we're thinking them?

Here are three simple answers.

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Who Are You NOT Seeing Health In?

Excerpted from Jack Pransky's book, "Prevention from the Inside-Out"

Some Native kids began to hang out in a mostly White residential area in Bemidji, Minnesota. They began throwing their garbage on the ground and causing enough of a ruckus that the residents became concerned. More than concerned, they wanted them out of there! Some residents harassed these Native kids, They called the police. Nothing worked.

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The Global Telesummit is Back!

Mark your calendar for CSC's 5th Annual Global Telesummit: February 25th - March 1st, 2018

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The Telesummit is back!  This year, our theme is "How Community Begins Within You."  We have a full lineup of speakers and ten interesting topics to cover - provided to you free of charge.

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Here's the 2018 lineup...

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The infinity of possibility

A Student's View of the Universe, Oil painting by Anthony Quesen(Image:  A Student's View of the Universe, Oil painting by Anthony Quesen)

The human mind has no limits. We can create anything. We can imagine unseen worlds. We can dream far beyond our knowledge. We can conceive responses to any challenge. We are dynamic players in an infinity of possibility.

The promise of this for all of humanity, no matter how haltingly realized, is the eternal hope for thriving beyond survival. At any moment, an insight might bubble up in anyone that provides a solution to vexing problems. Right now, someone is conceiving how to transcend discord between cultures and individuals. An answer is taking form in a doctor's mind to cure a deadly disease. A child daydreaming by a fireside is playing unheard music in his mind. A scientist is stumbling into an unexpected development in a lab that sets her mind alight with a new direction for research. All over the planet, the power of creation is pulsing through all of life.

We are not the product of creation; we are creation both in formlessness, our powers to think and shape our thinking into reality, and in form, our very existence that allows us to interact and build and and dance and laugh, and, yes, to scream and cry. Because we are always thinking our own particular reality into form, we are living in the illusion that we are fixed in time and space, bound by our own limitations. Only when we step back to see the whole beautiful system in operation do we realize that we are fixed only by the limitations we make up in our own thoughts.

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Thank you.

Dear Friends,

This Thanksgiving Day I was thankful for you! Fellow followers of the Three Principles share a sense of community and I feel so fortunate every day to have this Understanding and to have so many others sharing it with me.  We wanted to let you know how thankful we are, so we got together to send you a short video message from all of us at Center for Sustainable Change.

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