Conversation Starter Series: Community Connections

Conversation Starter Series: Community Connections

Let's Talk About... Community Connections

Community is defined as:

  • a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common
  • a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals

The Principles show us that our ultimate community is our shared humanity and our shared spirituality. We live, work, relate, and function in various aspects of communities in our daily lives and the more we see our common-unity, the easier it is to function in these relationships.

Center for Sustainable Change Conversation Starter Series: Let's Talk About ​Community Connections is a seven-part series looking at various aspects of living as community members, seeing our differences and our similarities, and helping those who struggle within our communities by collaborating and connecting with each other.

Center for Sustainable Change is releasing the next item in their Conversation Starter Series: Community Connections!

The series contains the following downloadable audios:

  • Community with Nate Moore, Dave Nichols, & Cynthia Stennis
  • Social Work with Chantal Burns & Mary Wheater
  • Cultural Differences with Cynthia Stennis & Janet Lindsay
  • Volunteering in the Community with Linda Ramus & Rob Friend
  • There are No Strangers! with Dave Nichols & Jacquie Forde, RGN, RM
  • Collaborative Understandings Bring Solutions with Mahima Shrestha
  • Connecting Community Connectors with Diane McMillen, Ph.D & Sharon Usagawa, LCSW

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To make this widely available, this audio series is being made available for $29.95.

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Your presenters:

Nate MooreNate Moore
Nate Moore was introduced to the Three Principles several years ago in Charlotte NC. He has been volunteering in the community of Lakewood and Thomasboro in Charlotte to help the community and gain a deeper understanding of the Principles.  He was homeless and addicted to drugs and alcohol prior to being introduced to the Principles, but has since been able to keep his life in order.

Nate is presently the Resident Services Manager at an Independent Living Facility, and is responsible for the day to day operations and oversees the well being of 105 clients and 20 staff members. Clients range from double amputee to bipolar disorder to veterans with PTSD.


Dave NicholsDave Nichols
Dave Nichols is a leader in Three Principles-based community development. He has served in several important capacities including long tenures as CSC's Executive Director, National Community Resiliency Project (NCRP) co-director (with Ami Chen Mills-Naim), and Executive Director of the nonprofit Lakewood Community Development Corporation (Lakewood CDC).

Dave is a BA graduate of Wake Forest University, served for two years as a special short-term missionary in Nigeria and Liberia, obtained a Masters of Divinity degree from Andover Newton Theological School, and utilized his carpentry/cabinetry/design skills owning and operating for 15 years a kitchen/bath/home remodeling business. He served as Director of Habitat for Humanity in Orange County (Chapel Hill, NC) and Director of Neighborhood Housing Services of Charlotte.


Cynthia StennisCynthia Stennis
Cynthia Stennis has been a facilitator in Three Principles for many years working in the community in Florida, New York, North Carolina, California, Iowa, Colorado, England, and many other states working with Dr. Roger Mills and employed by the Center for Sustainable Change.  At the present she is employed with Miami Dade County as a caseworker and social worker, working with families and communities.


Chantal-BurnsChantal Burns
Chantal Burns is a highly skilled success coach, international teacher, bestselling author, and speaker. She is a state of mind and performance specialist, bringing a ground breaking performance paradigm to businesses and leaders. She is qualified to teach a variety of psychological approaches and has a wealth of experience of applying psychology in the business arena.

In 2015 Chantal's book "Instant Motivation: The surprising truth behind what really drives top performance" was published by Pearson. It was selected by WHSmith's as their Non-Fiction Book of the Month. As well as being a WHSmith bestseller, it is also an Amazon #1 bestseller in Business and Mind, Body & Spirit.


Mary-WheaterMary Wheater
Mary Wheater qualified as a social worker in 1989 at the age of 23. Apart from two short breaks to have her children, she has worked in Social Care and now has over two decades of experience, specializing in child protection in the context of assessment teams. She's been working as a consultant social worker and is currently based in London managing a team of social workers engaged in assessing and formulating plans for children in need and at risk.

Mary was introduced to the Principles via Chantal Burns at a local group, and later via a "state of mind/3 principles" leadership program that she championed at the organization where she worked.


Janet LindsayJanet Lindsay
Janet Lindsay has over 20 years experience in the field of personal and organizational change. Since the beginning of her career in the Criminal Justice system, Janet has been on the forefront of introducing and championing change, first as local facilitator and later as a national trainer for the now Ministry of Justice.

Janet continues to be a forerunner in the personal change arena by introducing the Three Principles to Probation Trusts, Women's support services and Women's charities, delivering unprecedented results. In order to enable members of the wider community to access teaching of the Three Principles, she created a service called Educynergy - The Three Principles. This provides monthly meet-ups training and guest speakers to share their understanding, experience and knowledge with people in the Midlands.


Linda RamusLinda Ramus, MA, M.Ed.
Linda Ramus is co-founder and vice president of Innate Health Connection and has over 20 years experience implementing, directing and evaluating Principles-based programs in both community- based and governmental programs in the fields of education, employment and training and substance abuse prevention education.

From 2001 to 2013, she was director of the 3 Principles Services Division (3PSD), Department of Alcohol & Drug Services, Santa Clara County, California serving approximately 2,000 people annually. She has also taught classes in jail system and San Quentin prison, residential substance abuse treatment programs, homeless shelters as well as she domestic violence batterers' classes. Linda has a Master's in Human Resources and Organizational Development from the University of San Francisco and Masters in Urban Education from Montclair University.


Rob-FriendRob Friend
Rob Friend lives in Oakland, California and has been waking up to the Three Principles since 2012. He works as a Communications Project Manager, has three children and one grandson, and has been hosting Three Principles sharing sessions in his home for the last two years. He also volunteers at the Indian Health Center in San Jose, California as a facilitator in weekly sessions working with people in recovery.

Rob worked with CSC to design and implement a training program for other people within the Three Principles community who would like to explore what it would be like to volunteer from a Three Principles perspective, especially with young people and those who work with them.


Jacquie-FordeJacquie Forde
Jacquie Forde is a social entrepreneur, businesswoman, wife and mother to three tenacious daughters. She mentors and helps other human beings, professional coaches, entrepreneurs, teenagers and souls find their authentic selves as she guides them to live happier and more fulfilling lives whilst also helping them to develop insightful practices and businesses.

Jacquie loves to guide women lost in the midst of parenthood, the glass ceiling and the corporate sticky floor to get clear about living an abundant, joyful life with clarity and purpose. She is an international speaker, trainer, activist and a campaigner for political improvements in Scotland and the UK to improve health, mental wellbeing and equality, especially for disadvantaged communities.


Mahima ShresthaMahima Shrestha
Mahima's first glimpse of the potential and possibility of the Three Principles understanding was during the Nepal earthquakes in 2015. In the midst of a volatile, uncertain time, she found an inner source of resilience, resourcefulness and ease.

Grateful for the gifts and practical value the Principles have brought into her life and work, Mahima has begun to take this understanding into businesses, non-profits, communities and schools. Convinced that people have untapped potential to resolve every challenge they face, she has started to reach out to a broader community of change makers across Asia and has begun the conversation of how to better understand and resolve some of the biggest challenges in the region.


Diane McMillenDiane P. McMillen, Ph.D.
Diane McMillen is a Professor of Human Services whose passionate commitment to prevention (since her early days as a protective services worker in 1976) has evolved from an Outside-in approach ("fix" the environment) to an Inside-out understanding. For the last 12 years her research, presentations and workshops have been based on the Three Principles.

She continues to consult with and provide training for group homes, social service agencies and various community agencies and programs. She presents regularly at national, regional, and state wide conferences, as well as presenting numerous keynote addresses to a wide variety of professionals. She, along with her students, have shared the Three Principles in the community with Public Housing, Community Corrections, foster parent associations, county health agency, domestic violence programs, to name just a few.


Sharon-UsagawaSharon Usagawa, LCSW
Sharon Usagawa is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker based in Hawaii, who is currently in Private Practice with a small group of other mental health professionals. She was originally introduced to the Principles working with Christine Heath's clinic as their first employee over 25 years ago.

Her work has spanned a multitude of populations from working with children and adolescents, couples and families in their home setting, the school setting and most recently in outpatient settings; to teaching in the prisons, working with the military community and currently doing outreach work at a transitional housing center for homeless families and a weekly "book club" in a community socialization program for the severe mentally ill. She also serves as an Adjunct Faculty with the University of Hawaii School of Social Work providing training and supervision to Graduate Student Interns completing their Practicum experience and provides supervision to Social Work Professionals seeking their Clinical License.

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