Conversation Starter Series: Mental Health

Conversation Starter Series

Let's Talk About... Mental Health

Mental Health affects us all.  Whether we know someone who has been diagnosed with a mental illness or just have stress in our lives, living from a place of ease and knowing we all have innate health can change the conversation. Center for Sustainable Change is releasing the first in their Conversation Starter Series: Let's Talk About Mental Health!

The series contains the following downloadable audios:

  • Mental Health with Dr. Linda Sandel Pettit & Dr. William Pettit
  • Counseling Youth on Depression & Suicide with Sue Pankiewicz & Dr. William Pettit
  • Stress - We Can Live Without It with Mark Howard & Ian Watson
  • Nurturing Healthcare Professionals with Karen Miller Williams & Dr. Rani Bora

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To make this widely available, this audio series is being made available for $19.95.

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Your presenters:

Dr. William PettitWilliam F. Pettit Jr., M.D.
Dr. William Pettit Jr. is co-owner with his wife, Linda, of 3 Principles Intervention LLC. He and Linda reside in the Irish Hills, southwest of Ann Arbor Michigan.

Dr. Pettit has taught the Nature of the Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought as the cornerstone of his psychiatric practice since 1983. He teaches the Principles in seminars; graduate courses, residential programs for individuals, families and small groups; and via phone consultations.

He is a recognized educator in the Three Principles intervention, has presented at many national and international conferences, and has consulted with numerous clients both nationally and internationally. He was certified by Sydney Banks as a teacher of the Three Principles.


Linda Sandel-PettitDr. Linda Sandel Pettit
Dr. Linda Sandel Pettit currently serves as Dean of the Graduate College and Director of Counselor Education for Siena Heights University, a Michigan-based Catholic University offering master's level degrees in counseling, leadership, and teacher education both online and on 6 Michigan-based campuses.

Along with William F. Pettit, MD, psychiatrist, she co-owns 3 Principles Intervention LLC, through which she provides 3 Principles-based consulting, coaching, and training.

Dr. Pettit has provided leadership, program development, and services in mental health for over 30 years. She has worked in business, university, hospital, community agency, and private practice settings. Previously, she enjoyed a career in PR management.


Sue PankiewiczSue Pankiewicz
Sue was a teacher for eighteen years, working in mainstream and special education. Since 2006 she has worked in a variety of settings, teaching and sharing the Principles with individuals and groups. Sue loves to organise and support events that bring people together to inspire, share and deepen understanding.

When her daughter was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia at the age of 17, Sue found herself and her family thrust into a traumatic and frightening world. Sue personally had immense hope and belief in the possibility of recovery, but there was little evidence or support of that vision within the traditional approaches to mental health that were available at the time.  Sue's growing understanding of the Principles, along with that of her extended family, began the process of healing and the uncovering of peace of mind.

For the past ten years, Sue has collaborated, mentored, and shared her understanding of the Three Principles, whilst all the time embracing her own unfolding experience of life which never ceases to inspire and fascinate her as the transformative nature of this understanding works its magic.


timthumb.php.jpgMark Howard, Ph.D.
Dr. Howard is founder of the Principles Institute in Burlingame, California, USA. He is a licensed psychologist and is recognized as one of the pioneers who first brought the Three Principles into the field of psychology. Since 1982, Dr Howard has been teaching private clients, families, and business professionals.  Dr. Howard loves mentoring three principles practitioners to develop impactful and flourishing practices.

Dr. Howard has published a paper demonstrating the efficacy of the Three Principles in treatment. In 2008 he was awarded the "Outstanding Career Service" award by the Santa Clara Psychological Association for bringing Principles education to Santa Clara County in the United States.


Ian WatsonIan Watson
Ian Watson is an author, trainer, and consultant who has worked in the field of natural health and personal transformation since 1988. He founded The Insight Space in 2013 as a vehicle for his own Principle-based training programmes and seminars.  Ian has written four books and many published articles, created numerous audio programmes, and travelled extensively giving seminars, courses, and retreats around the world.

He became widely known as a speaker and writer in homeopathy, which he taught and practised for fifteen years. Ian's work is now based exclusively on the understanding of mind, thought and consciousness, uncovered by the late Sydney Banks. Learning these principles has proven to be the "missing link," pulling together all of the threads that Ian has explored during the past three decades.

Ian has taught the Principles to many groups in the UK and Ireland, and also in Croatia, Canada, Egypt, Finland, Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, and the Czech Republic. He also works as a consultant trainer for a multi-national company.


Karen Miller WilliamsKaren Miller Williams
Karen was a stressed out intensive care nurse when she was introduced to The Three Principles. This understanding changed her life and career for which she is eternally grateful. Karen was fortunate to know Sydney Banks as a teacher, a mentor and a friend. She further trained in The Principles completing the first internship at the Advanced Human Studies Institute with Dr. Roger Mills. Karen then co-founded the Hawaii Counselling & Education Centre and trained with Christine Heath, Gordon Trockman and George Pransky. She continues to learn with bi-annual attendance at the Three Principles School with Elsie Spittle and Chip Chipman as well as attending numerous conferences and events around the world.

Karen is a networker connecting people up via social media and in person as well as an activist informing, promoting, and dispensing Three Principles information via social media. Karen's career in nursing has encompassed all ages, mental health, education, prisons, healthcare, communities & management. She has been called a cheerleader for her enthusiasm in sharing The Principles and the hope for all mankind.


Dr. Rani BoraDr. Rani Bora
Dr. Bora is a Holistic Psychiatrist and Wellness Coach. She has recently given up her full time NHS job as a Consultant Psychiatrist in rehabilitation and recovery to pursue her passion in sharing about The Principles of Innate Health to a wider audience.

She had served as a Clinical Lead for Schwartz Center Rounds for NHS staff to promote compassionate care and as an Associate Clinical Director in her previous role. She has conducted several training and coaching workshops for both staff and patients on the concept of coaching and recovery, stress and anxiety management and psycho-education to name a few.

She has published articles and booklets around well-being, coaching for Mental Health Recovery and empowering people. Her approaches to treating mental illness and suffering are holistic and person centred, given her training as a wellness and life coach as well as her dedication to her work as a recovery-oriented Psychiatrist.

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