CSC Staff

Lynanne LawheadLynanne Lawhead, Chief Operating Officer

Lynanne Lawhead is the Chief Operating Officer of Center for Sustainable Change. She began her early understanding of the Three Principles by taking to heart "Be Here Now" by Ram Dass as she traveled the "Hippie Route to India" in 1972-73.  It was during her positions on the Board for and as the Executive Director of Cypress Center for Well-Being that Lynanne gained a deeper understanding of the Three Principles that has impacted her life.

She has many years of experience working in both nonprofit and for-profit organizations. Most of her earlier work in nonprofits related to case management of the elderly, county fair management that opened an opportunity for her to create and manage an educational 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization for the American alligator industry as well as developing a for-profit company with trappers/farmers as co-investors through the selling of their hides and finished products. She has worked in the administration of a domestic violence shelter and in hospice volunteer management. She resides in Tampa, FL.