CSC Staff

Tony DeVillier
Content Publishing Manager

Tony is Content Publishing Manager of Center for Sustainable Change. He hopes to create awareness, awaken hope and relieve needless suffering by sharing a simple understanding of how life works from the inside-out through universal Principles to all human experience. We can realize our true formless nature and see unfolding paths of learning, beauty and adventure. When the suffering and downtrodden see their innate health and realize natural wisdom helps them choose what is best from moment-to-moment, these same people feel more joy and delight. That single fact transforms everything we see, hope and believe is possible. A simple understanding of the Three Principles unfolds compassion, innate beauty and gratitude that lead us to serve.

He is a BS graduate of Charter Oak State College and has 3300+ hours of specialized training certification from Ford, GM, Chrysler and ASE. Tony resides in the Greater New Orleans area, where he navigates the sea of learning and technology as Assistant Professor at Delgado Community College. He began sharing the Principles of innate health and resilience with students in every class. Now students and teachers are more open to learning. When people feel safe, they willingly allow their innate wisdom to come forth and let natural skills be drawn out. True learning is fun and it happens at a deeper, most enjoyable level. Understanding the formless nature of these Principles is transforming his experience of life, self and other people. Insecure feelings, comparisons and judgment continue to fall away… and the outcome is a quiet mind.

Tony draws from experience in Education systems, business and industry. At an early age, he began working in his father’s business. There he engaged the world as a service station attendant and auto technician for 17 years. His father consistently demonstrated the value of trust, relationships and genuine service to others via true listening and following through. This work grew into global venues of service, where teaching, facilitation and coaching, curriculum development, program coordination and administration, business and project management expanded with his attention. The financial crisis in 2007 forced more layoffs within Ford Motor Company, leaving Tony unemployed after 14 years of award-winning service. This turn of events resulted in an amazing job opportunity in Russia, where he led a nationwide service training initiative for GAZ Dealer System Development and received a letter of gratitude for excellent performance and cooperation. This surprise adventure began to unveil the fallacy of his prior conditioning, and it continues to reveal the humanity, innocence and oneness of humankind.

He is still learning how absolutely absurd life can be and how seemly foolish blunders are genuinely laughable. Often, the moments of our life unfold with formless wings of Love and prompt us to dance with whatever is so, right where we are… Then feeling refreshed, we express the unfolding joy of our wellbeing to others.