Dr. Roger Mills, having received his first PhD in engineering, first worked in the “hard” sciences. This critical questioning background served us well. After he learned about the Principles of resiliency from Sydney Banks, Roger felt the need to truly “put it to the test.” He felt that if the Principles were universal then they should apply to everyone – even the poorest and most challenged among us. In the late 1980’s Roger initiated his “test” in Modello.

Modello was a Federal housing project in South Dade County below Miami, Florida. Modello was for Janet Reno, then State Attorney for Dade County, a real “thorn in her side.” At the end of the three-year project, the transformations among many of the residents were dramatic.

We invite you to read more details about Jack Pransky’s book, Modello: A Story of Hope for the Inner City and Beyond: An Inside-Out Model of Prevention and Resiliency in Action. At this site you can see more about this book, read excerpts from the book and order a copy for yourself.


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Appreciation is extended to both Dr. Jack Pransky (Author) for his permission to use his copyrighted material and for helping develop the Book Study Notes about Modello and to Dr. Diane McMillen (Washburn University) for producing the questions to further our book discussion. This Book Study Notes of Modello was developed, co-written & co-produced by Cypress Center for Well-Being, Dr. Jack Pransky and Dr. Diane McMillen.