Two hands reaching for multi-colored leaves, in the shape of a treeThere are many ways to take part in the CSC community. Here are some of them.

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  • Become an Active Participant
    We now offer several ways to participate, each with specific benefits attached.

  • Awakening Community Circles
    An online videoconferencing series that is designed to network people with similar community interests for sharing and mutual support.

  • Global Community Leadership Workshops
    Monthly online videoconferencing discussions, usually following on that month's three earlier Awakening Community Circle sessions.

  • Continuing Ed Courses
    CSC has partnered with West Virginia University to offer a series of four University-backed, self-directed online courses to show educators, students and parents how to approach the challenges of school without stress and with optimal ability to enjoy the work.

  • Upcoming CSC Events
    A listing of official CSC events.

  • Other 3 Principles Events
    A listing of 3P events from around the world.