CSC's PTSD Project for Veterans

sunset-soldiers.jpgAlthough we feel strongly that understanding the Three Principles will allow veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to find sustainable peace of mind and enjoy happy, productive lives, it has never been demonstrated that our treatment can eliminate or reduce PTSD. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) needs evidence-based research before it will accept and support a Three Principles-based program.

Working with Dr. Bill Pettit and Dr. Judy Sedgeman, Center for Sustainable Change has developed two research programs designed to serve young veterans, veterans with children at home, and the veterans' families: THRIVING vs. Surviving, and a more extensive program, Coming Home to Peace.  Dr. Tom Kelley of Wayne State University has designed the research instruments and will conduct the program assessments. Bill and Judy will facilitate the programs.

To be eligible to participate in this program, one has to be a U.S. Military veteran (male or female, regardless of age or discharge status) who is having significant difficulties adjusting to the challenges of civilian life. These difficulties can include symptoms and signs of PTSD. However, symptoms of PTSD are not required to be eligible for participation in this program.

These efforts will provide the VA and other funders the evidence they need to fund these types of programs, and they will show how understanding the Three Principles addresses PTSD and related mental health problems.

You can find out more at the links below.  Please share these pages widely among your family, friends, and colleagues.  Together, we can help veterans come home to peace.

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