Testimonials from Previous Telesummits

Dear Sheela, Ami and All, Thank you so much. I cannot say how many times this Telesummit I was moved and inspired, and full of gratitude and appreciation for what you are all BEing and doing in the world. I did not hear all the calls, or the whole of some, but I knew from the first that I was most definitely going to buy those recordings and listen again and again. There is so much you have brought to us here to whet our 3Ps appetites and to drink from on our Journeys. With Love
Jane Henfrey
What an incredible telesummit! I knew this would be good, yet when I heard Sheela Masand, Ami Chen Mills-Naim and Dave Nichols start it off I thought, no this will be great!! Today my heart is full in such a peaceful way from the speakers and the questions asked! Being part of this in some small way and to bring an understanding of the community work which Tony and I do surpassed, anything we could have hoped for! Hope is what I heard for all the speakers… Hope for every single human being no matter their circumstances or back ground! Thank you so much for following your wisdom Sheela and your amazing work of making this experience possible. With Love.
Steve Adair
Thank you so much to all involved.
Looking forward to hearing all the calls with the recorded sessions!
Muchas Gracias
Amanda O’Shea
Good Morning Transforming Community From The Inside Out Community, I was deeply touched by the heart and profound experiences shared by Gabriela Maldonado-Montano yesterday during the Telesummit. I continue to remain in the "State of Mind of a Student" when I am in the presence of such Beautiful Wisdom. Thank you Sheela, Ami, Dave, and all those who have worked to pull this off... who would have thought that such an amazing experience could occur over a phone call... I Love My 3-P's Community...
Kimberly Porter
It felt like a vacation with the best people I could ever hope to meet. Informative yes, but the pleasure factor was huge.
Found the series very useful and both consolidated my learning and opened up new possibilities.
It was encouraging to me and just made the world seem like a smaller and warmer place! I observed a "oneness" and a synergy. It sparked me to want to do even more sharing of the Principles.
It reinforced, and gave me a greater understanding of the stillness and love I had felt on several occasions in my life, and was constantly searching of ways to get that tranquillity and peace back. Now I have stopped searching, and understand it is with me always, and always has been. THE MOST AMAZING FEELING. THANKS.
Very powerful and inspiring.
I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the variety of practitioners and hearing the variety of ways people were seeing an impact on others. It was confidence building. It reinforced my learning and beliefs. It was inspiring.
It was a wonderful reminder of the simplicity of the truth, that it is the same in every setting. Listening to the calls brought such a good feeling in me, and I know I am that good feeling, always.

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