What is Principles based Psychology?


Principles-based psychology is an understanding of basic psychological principles (see Three Simple Principles) that allow for our experience of life.  We teach the Principles in a wide variety of applications within the community to foster change, mental health and resilience.  We have experience in teaching within:

  • Education and School settings
  • Juvenile and Criminal Justice
  • Parenting and Anti-Violence Programs
  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Facilities
  • Universities and Collages
  • Government Systems
  • Community Collaboratives
  • Business and Corporate Settings

and much more! 

Principles-based psychology explains the full range of human thought and provides understanding of the role of state of mind in day-to-day experience.  It illuminates the human capacity for understanding and insight.

Principles-based education has been used not only to help the most disadvantaged and challenged member of society, but also to aide high functioning, peak performing athletes, artists and executive leaders.  This understanding has been taught by leading consulting firms and within organizational development programs as a catalyst for increased productivity, enhanced teamwork, exceptional customer service and improved employee satisfaction.  There is literally no aspect of human life that these Principles do not impact; where ever a human being is found, their psychological life and level of functioning goes with them, impacting their perception and performance.


Documented outcomes of Principles-based education include:

  • An increase in calm and hopefulness.
  • Increased creativity at work.
  • Increased efficiency with less stress and burnout.
  • More positive interpersonal relations, including with family members, co-workers and clients.
  • Increased sense of perspective and compassion.
  • Relief from stress and depression.

"The wisdom has healed communities, transformed individuals and renewed organizations. [This organization]  offers a powerful resource for change and shows the potential for everyone to contribute to healing societies."

                                                                           - David Pottruck, Co-CEO, Charles Schwab & Company

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