Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some common questions people have about "Resiliency in Teaching: Reviving the Joy," a suite of 4 web-based, University-backed, self-directed ONLINE courses.

Q: Are online courses boring?
A: Not at all. They combine video lectures, graphic animations, informational videos, illustrations and opportunities to post to Discussion Forums to communicate with fellow-students and the instructor. You get to take them on your own time, at your own pace. You can go back and review things, or download material. You're in charge of your own learning.

Q: How do I earn the International Learning Units? How do you know I've learned the material in the course?
A: In order to get ILUs, you have to successfully complete all the required Discussion postings in the course, as well as pass the quizzes with at least 80%. If you meet those requirements, it will be clear you have taken the course and have learned the material and you will receive the credits.

Q: How much time will it take?
A: If you took all four courses and did everything there was to do in them all, it would likely represent at most 65-70 hours online, whenever you felt like putting in the time. Your individual completion time will depend on your schedule, discipline, and motivation.  There are no papers to write or projects to hand in. No grades. You get International Learning Units and a certificate for taking a course and demonstrating, through brief discussion postings and passing short quizzes, that you have done so.

Q: Can I ask questions of the instructors if I'm confused?
A: Yes. You will get e-mail contact information for your instructors, and you can e-mail with questions about the course material at any time. Normally, you will get an answer within 24 hours.

Q: What do I do if something isn't working right in the course?
A: At the opening of every course, you get instructions about how to reach the HELP desk for the course platform, in this case, West Virginia University. They are very responsive and helpful and will get you through any glitches you encounter. Do not e-mail the instructors if you have technical issues. Go directly to the HELP desk. Instructors call them, too, to address technical problems. Instructors do not have answers to technical issues, only to questions about the course material.